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  1. What do you love or hate about Southport?
    Started by Smiffy 23/07/2009

    Ive been here a month now and Ive already discovered things Im well chuffed about, there are negatives too.... I hate that there is only a fortnightly bin collection.... I love that the fact that the local tip is right near Tesco, so I can dump our black bags etc there. I hate that there's only...

    • 90
    19/09/2014 06:29 PM
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  2. Murder suspect!
    Started by gsgsgs 19/09/2014

    Why is a Latvian with a murder conviction and a suspicion of under-age sex allowed to be in the UK? EU law says he can, so in 3 years if we have a conservative government will they keep their promise of a referendum on the UK leaving the EU!

    • 4
    19/09/2014 06:07 PM
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  3. Land registry Unilateral notice B133....Hesketh estates Manorial rights in Banks
    Started by firecracker 19/09/2014

    Hi has anyone else received a land registry B133 notice recently ....Hesketh Estates claiming they have an interest on a property claiming their manorial rights on the property ie. Fishing , hunting and minerals.... i suspect it is down to money the minerals being gas which may be fracked ...

    • 3
    19/09/2014 05:59 PM
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  4. Do we want the Whingeing Scots
    Started by tommy54 19/09/2014

    Now that millions have been wasted on the silly referendum that we all knew would end the way it did,why not have an English ref."Do we want the Scottish in the UK" if so many of them are so unhappy being better off than us then do we need them? or are they so unhappy they will now cause more...

    • 19
    19/09/2014 05:58 PM
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  5. Lombards
    Started by Chas King 29/04/2013

    Deoes anybody know what the former venue known as Lombards is going to be ?

    • 53
    19/09/2014 05:58 PM
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  6. The scum have arrived at Victoria Park.
    Started by d-dan 18/09/2014

    Walking the dogs around midday and saw the a motorhome and 5th-wheel caravan entering the park form the north entrance, they settled around the band stand eventually. Upon walking past the chief knuckle dragger instructed my dogs to "Get the c**t away!" (there's so much wrong in that I don't...

    • 18
    19/09/2014 05:38 PM
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  7. Air Show Parking for the Disabled
    Started by jet 17/09/2014

    I have no blue badge but I need access to the boot to get out and put away a child's disability buggy and the other paraphernalia that comes with having a disabled child. I also need access to get him out of his special harness inside the car and to move him into his disabled buggy. Any ideas...

    • 20
    19/09/2014 03:48 PM
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  8. Alexander Armstrong...
    Started by bambi275 18/09/2014

    ..... is going to be the voice of Danger Mouse in a new series next year! Woohooo!!

    • 3
    19/09/2014 02:30 PM
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  9. Barking Dog OLD PARK LANE
    Started by missunderstand 18/09/2014

    We unfortunately live a couple of streets away from *** Old Park Lane, they have a large Doberman / Rottweiler type dog , its obviously left outside for long periods of time on a daily basis, during which it barks and barks and barks. Today its the final bloody straw, it started barking early this...

    • 6
    19/09/2014 02:26 PM
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  10. Workshops starting soon...Never mind Knit and natter, lets Stitch and Bi, atch!!
    Started by tinseltoes 18/09/2014

    Right you crafty lot, we have decided we need a back to basics sewing course/workshop!! We will be starting a 6 week course that will begin with Adding cotton on to a spool, threading a sewing machine, running a stitch, Following a pattern, cutting out a pattern and actually making an item!!...

    • 3
    19/09/2014 01:43 PM
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  11. Birkdale High School - No coats?
    Started by Southport DJ 18/09/2014

    If this is true then I'd love to know! I have heard that pupils are not allowed to wear coats unless it is raining! Anyone else heard or can confirm this? I know the French have banned the burqa in their own country but coats in our country?!

    • 19
    19/09/2014 01:26 PM
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  12. Word Association
    Started by clyde bank 27/05/2010

    I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a game. I fancied word association. I'll give a word and the next person adds a word they associate with the one I've given and each person adds another word they asociate with the last So my word is Book :)

    19/09/2014 01:09 PM
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  13. The FIVE Word Game
    Started by lad1234 17/09/2013

    :dlike the 3 word game:d but you get to use 5 words So I will start it was a rainy day

    19/09/2014 12:25 PM
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  14. The three word game ..
    Started by SeloChovek 14/07/2010

    Not a new invention, but something which might amuse as a development of the hugely popular Word Association thread .. YOU MUST ONLY use THREE words including the fillers - eg: in, on, at, us, and, but etc. Let's see where the story goes ... but beware, if it gets too rude (and it might) the...

    19/09/2014 12:21 PM
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  15. Job Offer in Canada
    Started by Goodbhoy 10/09/2014

    I have been given a job offer in Toronto, Canada (Interval vacancy) which I am seriously considering but I have never been. I have heard so many good things. I have no idea of cost of living, etc What would a decent wage be to live on in Canada? Anyone with any ideas or experiences? Been...

    • 41
    19/09/2014 12:05 PM
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  16. Talk like a pirate day
    Started by Derek H 19/09/2014 nternational_Talk_Like_a_Pirat e_Day In addition to that, it is the day that our son's feature film Captain Sabertooth and the Lama Rama Treasure has its premiere in Oslo. The pirate film, the most expensive kids' movie ever made in Norway, cost a little over 5...

    • 2
    19/09/2014 11:51 AM
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  17. Scottish referendum
    Started by Albion102 02/09/2014

    The momentum seems to be with the Yes camp. There is very little rational discussion of what post-devolution Scotland might look like, instead the vote seems to be driven by infantile "Braveheart" nationalism. It will be an interesting experience to see how they cope without the bank of mum and...

    • 72
    19/09/2014 10:43 AM
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  18. For the over 50's
    Started by whiplash 16/09/2014

    What is your fave Elvis film? King Creole,1958. A little sad but a know all the words.

    • 14
    19/09/2014 08:17 AM
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  19. What the energy companies won't want you to know
    Started by steve 15/09/2014

    They won't want people making their own electricity :) This is our biggest test ever of our wood burning stove generating electricity today. We now have full PC control over readings. Obviously will develop into an app that can be monitored from a phone or tablet. Will energy company...

    • 23
    18/09/2014 10:48 PM
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  20. What was your first dance
    Started by MrD. 14/09/2014

    We are just in the process of choosing our first dance and we were just wondering what other people had on their special day

    • 25
    18/09/2014 10:38 PM
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  21. Town lane??????
    Started by Rockape 17/09/2014

    What the hell is happening to Town lane? I live right next to it and since it's been closed since 1st September nothing and I mean nothing has happened, I haven't seen a single work vehicle or workman there whatsoever, I drive to Liverpool on a daily basis and it adds 4 miles to my journey because...

    • 35
    18/09/2014 10:10 PM
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  22. R.I.P Tommy Gore,ex doorman and Private Hire Driver
    Started by jonnybgood 18/09/2014

    A very sad day,as I have just heard of Tommy Gores passing,he hasínt been well for a few months,and a few people have recently asked me about Tom,and am very sad to learn today of his passing,as I have known Tommy for well over 20 years,as a driver on All Whites,and while he was also a doorman at...

    • 0
    18/09/2014 09:48 PM
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  23. Southport Air Show.
    Started by seringapatam 13/09/2014

    Not to be missed this weekend. Saturday and Sunday. Come and say hello to the Army Novels Team (that'll be me then). See you all there. The Southport Air Show is the number one family day out in the North West. Young or old, there is something for all ages. From 10am light aircraft come in...

    • 11
    18/09/2014 09:29 PM
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  24. Farmageddon press night
    Started by Delbertious 16/09/2014

    Got invited to the Farmageddon press preview night tonight and what a fab event it is. If you fancy getting scared out of your pants then get your tickets booked. I'm still screaming while typing this ;)

    • 7
    18/09/2014 09:10 PM
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  25. Chuggers loosing the town business
    Started by K-T 17/09/2014

    As I walked through Chapel Street yesterday, I was heckled by 3 separate lots of chuggers. So, on my way back, rather than going via Chapel Street and having a look at the shops, as I had planned, I went the long way round via Lord Street as I just couldn't face running the gauntlet again. Do the...

    • 14
    18/09/2014 03:44 PM
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  26. Stairlift help.
    Started by McFunkletrumpet 17/09/2014

    Can anyone recommend a good local supplier of recon stairlifts at a sensible price with backup service please?

    • 2
    18/09/2014 02:56 PM
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  27. Any improvements on nightlife?
    Started by lancs lads 17/09/2014

    Hello all, we'll be visiting Southport in october, we did live there for a few years and found the nightlife left a lot to be desired which in all honesty was partly why we moved back to Lancashire. We found some lovely places to go for a meal in Southport and places to have a look round during the...

    • 10
    18/09/2014 01:34 PM
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  28. Don't plonk it, park it campaign.
    Started by snazzycracker 09/09/2014

    I think all Police forces should try this initiative, instead of actively encouraging pavement parking to improve traffic flow.

    • 33
    18/09/2014 12:47 PM
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  29. Car Number Plate Thread - a social history thread
    Started by BOOTLE BILL 25/01/2013

    I think it would make an interesting thread for posters to post a photograph of interesting and unique number plates. Number plates have been issued from about 1903 A1 was the first number plate and issued in London. and was sold just after being issued for £10,000 The buying and...

    • 69
    18/09/2014 10:57 AM
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  30. Sainsbury's - hands off!
    Started by xroads 16/09/2014

    There was a thread recently about cars encroaching on to pavements. Well, Sainsburys Bispham Road are at it now! See photo below! The advertising signs are using up at least a third of the pavement space.

    • 32
    18/09/2014 10:36 AM
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  31. Free pizza
    Started by Alikado 17/09/2014

    http://www.moneysavingexpert.c om/deals/deals-hunter/2014/09/ 16/loophole-buy-1-50-frozen-pi zza-get-unlimited-free-pizzas- till-5-oct/?utm_source=MSE_New sletter&utm_medium=oneline r-one&utm_term=16-Sep-14-v 1&utm_campaign=deals&u tm_content=2

    • 1
    18/09/2014 12:35 AM
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  32. Cilla.
    Started by whiplash 13/09/2014

    Starts on ITV 9pm Monday. Been looking forward to this for ages.

    • 19
    17/09/2014 11:10 PM
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  33. bbc
    Started by bigdavesdad 16/09/2014

    If Scotlands vote is for out of the UK i wonder how many of them will pay their tv licence.

    • 8
    17/09/2014 08:41 PM
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  34. Air Show Road Closures
    Started by Poddington 17/09/2014

    Please can someone confirm the Marine Drive road closure for the air show? The council website has a very fancy, interactive map of roadworks, congestion and road closures.....which shows nothing for this coming weekend. I know Marine Drive is closed north of the roundabout by Pleasureland, but...

    • 2
    17/09/2014 07:25 PM
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  35. Dog Training
    Started by SirDigbyChicken 12/09/2014

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a dog trainer and rough prices. Looking more at obedience than agility at the moment and for a puppy. Also anyone know anywhere doing the free microchipping? I know Pet Hut are supposed to be doing one soon but they don't have any dates yet. Many thanks

    • 9
    17/09/2014 06:12 PM
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  36. Air show times are up
    Started by maisie 17/09/2014

    On the Visit Southport site :) I didn't know the Lancaster was here both days. looking forward to seeing them /whats-on/southport-air-show-p 139433

    • 1
    17/09/2014 04:59 PM
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